Friday, October 7, 2011

Updates from Ila Mae

Hello friends ~ Jonathan has wrapped up an incredibly busy day. It included a 6 am flight out of New Orleans, a full day of testing at MD Anderson in Houston and a round of chemo these evening. Ila Mae is there with him and has been posting the most accurate up to date information on her Facebook page (which she said she didn't mind me sharing here.) These are chronological starting with earlier today.

"Family and Friends we are here today in Houston Texas at the MD Anderson Cancer Care Center. Today, Bubba will be getting tests done, a 2nd opinion , and possible treatment options. From yesterday, all I know, is the Dr. Described his cancer as stage 4, incurable. We'll just see about that! Stay strong family and friends, we need your prayers to keep coming. Thank you so much. I will keep you updated. Love Ila Mae"

"Sweet Family and friends:
This will be short and sweet considering we will be meeting with Dr.Tu again shortly--i will update more in depth later. Basically--we are going to fight this!!!! Get your prayers ready-- Dr.Tu wants to start chemo for Bubba right away. He will be admitted tonight and his first round will begin, lasting for 5 consecutive days. The tumor in Bubba's chest makes his cancer m
ore difficult to fight greatly because of the location. Dr.Tu also states he believes the tumor is a growth of various identities, not just one, basically a mixture of cancer cells. Dr.Tu stated the tumor is extremely aggressive, with the ability to double its strength daily..this is why we are beginning our battle TONIGHT!! I promise to update in depth later. But, for now, send your prayers for Bubbas body to respond beautifully to his first dose of chemo in his first battle with this cancer. Thank you so much. Your prayers mean everything to our family. Love Ila Mae"

"Bubbas checked in-- 9th Floor Room 12 MD Anderson Center---send your prayers here! He will be taking a shower, grabbing a bite to eat and then he will be hooked up to his first round....9th floor, room 12...send your prayers. Thank you! Love Ila"

"Sweet family and friends:
IV for first chemotherapy has been placed. My Bubba looks STRONG!!! Still waiting for the first dose. The first trial of chemotherapy will be Cisplatin and Etoposide. I have faith in these chemotherapy drugs, I have faith. We've been right here beside him! I've been keeping him updated with all the love and prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for lifting my brother's name in prayer. This may be my last post for tonight.......just pray his body responds beautifully and the tumors don't stand a chance.....Love Ila Mae"

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  1. Our friend thought he was an ordinary person & didnt realize the amount of friendship & loved hes gathered w/in his life. Dont know how well prayer works but i do know how well team work works. Your team is here brother & was we are in it to win it. You need anything bald heads a buddy to play cards a hug you got it let us know.