Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Morning Update

Jonathan had a great day yesterday!! So much of the stress of circumstances like these comes from the weight of the unknown. Going into another chemo session, he was told sometimes the third day is the hardest on the body. Gratefully, Jonathan responded well and did not experience many of the normal side effects. He was in good spirits and even cracking some jokes. Jonathan and his crew even took a trip up to the incredible observation deck on top of MD Anderson where there just happened to be a grand piano. (Three guesses as to who sat down and played it!)  I am putting up two recent Facebook posts here. One is from Lindsey Dotson and the second is from Ila Mae.

"Thanks everyone for all of the prayers and support! Jonathan finished his first round of chemo this morning and no side effects as of yet! We are praying and believing that he will get through the next few weeks the same way. Everyone he meets tells him how strong he is physically and spiritually. Of course every nurse loves him! To think less than 2 weeks ago we were living normal and now we are here in Houston fighting a war against cancer! But there is nothing our God can't do, and Jonathan is ready to fight this with all his might! We are hoping he is discharged tomorrow...please pray for good reports tomorrow! — at MD Anderson Cancer Center." ~ Lindsey Dotson

"Good Evening Everyone!
He came through like a champ! Bubba has not had one adverse symptom today....awesome! His spirits have been sooo high today---- I saw a smile for the first time today in awhile, his appetite was great, and he even cracked a couple jokes :). Thank you to the amazing support we have had from family & visitors who have strengenthed his spirit and ours, from the amazing families who have been so generous to provide us with hotel stay, and all the sweet thoughts, words and prayers! You all have done so much....we feel the love!! It was a good day here at MD Anderson. Love, Ila Mae"

If all goes well, Jonathan will be discharged today to give his body time to fight this thing. He will most likely stay in Houston for the next few weeks until he returns for Round 2 of this fight. I will be returning to Shreveport Wednesday morning at which point I will be able to go through all the emails I've gotten and I plan on posting all the great stuff you guys have been sending! Many thanks!

The fight goes on!!



  1. Jonathan...you are an inspiration to all of us. You have such strength and we know where that strength comes from! I continue to pray for you...keep fighting...we will keep praying! The Lord is being glorified through you!


  2. Jonathan,

    Have to admit this has been hard for me to pray through, but I have been comforted recently by Romans 8:26

    "Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but that very Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for words."

    Today brother I am offering "sighs too deep for words." knowing the truth that we do not have to have the perfect prayers, attitudes and responses for God, He knows the cry of our hearts.

    I pray for strength for you, your family and your friends. Oh, if you only knew how many people love you and are praying for you and grieving with you, that alone is a testament to God's work through you over the past several years.

    Your Friend

  3. Great news! Go Jonathan, you are a champ! Keep up the fight! Thank you Ila and family for keeping us updated.

  4. "Do or do not do. There is no try." - Yoda, Star Wars Trilogy

    Knew the force was with you Jonathan. Keep fighting; we will keep praying and let the kids know the band aids are working so far!

    Hugs, Dani, Mike, Boyce & Markie

  5. Don and Sara McIntyreOctober 12, 2011 at 9:03 PM

    Hey Jonathan! We're so glad to hear that you're tolerating it so well so far! Our God is so good! You are daily in our thoughts and prayers and we hope that the treatments continue to go smoothly with none of the "yuck." Please let us know if there's anything (outside of prayer) that we can do for you. Love you much brother and know that we're by your side in spirit.