Friday, October 28, 2011

Blessings of a Hometown

When I was growing up in Gatesville, one of the things I disliked the most about it was that everyone knew everything about you and everyone knew your business. Now that I've grown up and moved away, one of my FAVORITE things about Gatesville is that everyones knows everything about you and everyone knows your business!! Why the change? Because I've come to realize that for those of us that grew up in small towns, you realize how firm a foundation it can be in your life when troubles come along (which they will). A hometown is like a tree, firmly rooted and deeply planted, and when the winds of life blow violently, the roots simply hold firmly to the ground and remind you that no matter where you live or go in the world, you will never weather a storm alone. And you will NEVER be alone in a battle.

What prompted this thought were these photos sent by Luke Jageler of him and Jonathan. Truly the roots of friendship run deep! Thanks for these great pics Luke!



  1. Very nicely stated.

  2. What a nice commentary on Gatesville, Texas! Isn't it funny how your ideas can turn completely around when you grow up?
    Jonathan, just keep your great smile and your wonderful attitude and be assured that the prayers offered will carry you over this particular speed bump your are negotiating.
    Many hugs for you and your family, Sue Ashby

  3. Very nicely put Winston! Thanks for posting the pictures, I know we have more somewhere just have to dig them up. The Jageler family is praying for you and your family Jonathan.

    Luke Jageler

  4. What a cute little Jonathan! Thanks for the smile it brought to me today!

    xxoo lynn

  5. Saturday morning:

    I woke up at 2:00 A.M. today...couldn't get right back to decided that praying for Jonathan was what I was suppose to do.

    I came up with this...which describes what Jonathan's ARMY is doing.

    A: always praying for the healing of Jonathan
    R: ready to love, support and hold up Jonathan
    M: making known to others what God's power is doing in Jonathan's life
    Y: yielding our hearts to God's will and plan for Jonathan's life

    Hope you have a "GOOD" day my Uncle Bob always says to us...BEE OF GOOD CHEER!

    xxoo lynn

  6. so so cute I LOVE The Pictures !! Thank You Luke you are a great Friend!!