Sunday, January 22, 2012

Updates from Lindsey's Facebook

We're still sitting in the doctor's office waiting for treatment orders, but we're so excited we just have to share with everyone the good news...the new tm number is 23!!! He will be going into the hospital tomorrow for a new treatment that will last 4 days. Brain results will be Monday. Thanks everyone for the prayers, but most importantly, Thank you Jesus for your healing power!!
We're all settled in the room, and they just started Jonathan's pre-meds. He will be having two chemo meds tonight-one for 15 min and the other for 12 hours. Our favorite nurse, Mylene, is with us tonight, which makes Jonathan feel very much at ease. Thank God for amazing nurses! He has already had 3 of the 4 meds being used this round, but the 12hr med is new and the others are at a higher concentration or longer infusion than before. Day 2 & 3 he will have 24hr infusions, which is never fun, and day 4 will be 2 hrs. Please pray his nerves are settled and we are able to sleep as much as possible! I'm trying to get better at updating...bear with me! Goodnight!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Friends, we need lots of prayers tomorrow!! We will find out Jonathan's tumor marker number after his 6th round of treatment, and he will be having a brain MRI to see if the two spots have disappeared. We are believing for great news!! We have had such an amazing week with no treatment and no major side effects! God has really blessed us and we know the blessings will continue tomorrow! Thank you for your love and prayers!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Jonathan's Soldiers on Vacation at Sea World in San Antonio!

Jonathan's Soldiers at Sea World in San Antonio!
Happy New Year Jonathan!
Love, The Moffett Family,
The Best Family and
The Warren Family