Sunday, October 16, 2011

Monday Morning Prayers and Positive Thoughts

Jonathan is going into the doctor Monday morning at 10am to receive some test results, hear an assessment of his progress and line out a treatment plan accordingly.  Many of us are blessed tonight and can go to bed with concerns that aren't really worth worrying about. However for Jonathan and THOUSANDS of others just like him in our country, tomorrow is a BIG day with much greater concerns. So at 10 am wherever you are and whatever you're doing, pause and send a prayer or a positive thought in Jonathan's direction! (Which is probably somewhere toward the south since he's in Houston!) Consider this a very unscientific study in the power of specified collective prayer!


  1. Prayer is POWERFUL...Jonathan has our prayers!
    Remember, are not alone. "The hands that hold the world, are holding your heart!

    we love you!


  2. Almost 10:00 praying for you guys. May peace transform your heart this morning.

  3. Praying so hard from New Orleans and sending lots of positive thoughts west to Houston!!! Love, Donna