Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Update

I just received word that Jonathan navigated his first round of chemo successfully this morning around 2 am! The doctors at MD Anderson wasted no time in confronting head on this unwelcome visitor in Jonathan's body and life. Tentatively, Jonathan is planning on staying in Houston for the near future to see how his body takes to the treatments. Of course, this information can change quickly so keep tuning in here for updates.

As I side note, I know many of you would like to visit Jonathan and his family in Houston. I highly encourage this, however please keep in mind Jonathan will more than likely be tired/exhausted so we should try to keep the visits relatively brief. (Jonathan's chemo sessions will often take place in the middle of the night and any of you who have spent time in a hospital know its practically impossible to get good sleep while you're there!) If for some reason you are unable to visit with Jonathan, remember that his family is there as well and needs just as much encouragement. I'm not sure of his specific location at this moment, but should know more soon.

I will be personally traveling there early Sunday morning issuing these posts from MD Anderson. If urgent information is needed (like if you're lost) feel free to call me at 325.212.5234. However, if it's not urgent, emails or text messages are better. You can email me at



  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jonathan. May the Lord grant you large portion of peace and strength. Love, The Herolds

  2. Sending you all my love and prayers Jonathan!! you are so strong and you can fight this... you will be in my prayers daily. Love, Montse

  3. I love you so much Jonathan Joseph!! I am praying constantly for you!! You are going to beat this! Can't wait to make more memories with you. XOXOXO <3 MONKEY!!