Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good news from Houston!

We finally have a plan to share with everyone!  Jonathan's doctor visit Monday was very informative for us, and it was much needed.  Last night he started his first full dose treatment.  He will be on a 21 day cycle now with a 5 day treatment beginning each round.  He will receive 2 outpatient chemo treatments during this time as well. They are anitcipating 3-4 of these cylcles, but it all depends on how the cancer reacts to the treatment. The doctor explained to us when his 'bad' days should be expected, but also when his good days will start again. Of course when his good days start again, the cycle starts over, but at least he knows they will come.  He told us to expect to be here for 3-4 months, but we are believing for a shorter stay!  They still remain very positive about his response to treatment and getting this thing cured!

The first two rounds of chemo were very effective, and the tumor marker numbers continue to decrease!  The tumor markers are present in your blood only if you have a tumor; therefore, the marker number should be zero. When we arrived at MD Anderson, Jonathan's tm was over 104k.  After the first treatment, they went down significantly to 19k, and after the second treatment, they are at 4,950!!  Dr. Tu said that the presence of the tumors is directly correlated to the tumor marker number - meaning as the tm go down, so do the amount/size of tumors!  Once the tm number stabilizes to zero, chemo will no longer be needed or affective because a) the tumors are completely gone or b) what tumor remains will have to be surgically removed.  We are praying and believing that the chemo will remove all tumors and no surgery will be needed!
There will be some hard days ahead as the stronger chemo treatments work through his body, but we know God is working a miracle in his life and this too shall pass.  We appreciate all of your sweet messages and words of encouragement.  Donna said she has given out 775 wristbands supporting Jonathan!  He was absolutely amazed by the number of people praying and believing for him.  Keep praying..we know God is listening!!




  1. Jonathan, you and I have seen God work, and we are watching him work again. I got my bracelets today. I know the treatments are taking their toll on your body, but every day you get stronger and "it" gets smaller. You are winning. Love you.~t

  2. PRAISE THE LORD! He is doing amazing things! Keep fighting the good fight, Jonathan...we're here for you!

    xxoo lynn

  3. We love you! We are praying and sending you loving thoughts every day! Stay strong and know that we are here for you!!
    Xoxo Jim, Christine, Austin, Lily and Zoe

  4. Thanking God for improvement! Will keep up the prayers...Jonathan, you are in my daily thoughts and prayers. And I have faith that you, with the help of God, will conquer this! Look at the strides you've made already! Stay strong! We are praying!
    Cherisse Hoffman

  5. Pray without ceasing.....that's what we're doing! We love you!

    Hope you have a good day today!


  6. Who do we get the wristbands from??? Does Meredith have any??? You are in our thoughts and prayers daily. The kids are praying for you at school too.



  7. Dani, Meredith does have some of the wristbands and if she is out, just email me and I will send them out to you!
    Love, Donna