Sunday, October 9, 2011

Update from Houston!

There's a monsoon in Houston! But it has not dampened the spirits of Jonathan and his family! We are here at the MD Anderson Center and  Jonathan is resting comfortably and in good spirits. This is an amazing facility which has one love, and that is attacking and eliminating cancer from people's lives!

I will have more information soon regarding Jonathan's availability for visitation and if you would like to send something. At least for the near future we are still asking everyone hold off on visiting in person. Space is limited and Jonathan is still extremely tired. There will be plenty of time in the future as he adjusts to his schedule for people to visit.



  2. Thinking of you & family. Lots of prayers going up in Gatesville! Rest, stay strong in Faith. God loves you!
    Mary delaney

  3. Keeping both you and your family in our prayers. God will see you through the hard times. Know He will provide the best for you as He walks with you through this. The Ashby's

  4. Hey Jonathan,
    I wanted you to know that there are many believers praying for you every day! I am praying for your healing of course, but I am praying that your faith will be strengthened too. FAITH refuses to quit! Don't give up, because God will see you through! Healing belongs to YOU! It is a redemptive blessing and a benefit provided for every believer!
    Meditate on God's Word and speak out healing scriptures. The Word of God will cleanse you and cause sickness to leave your body! Have someone read aloud God's healing Word to you. He is faithful Jonathan and you WILL see that!!
    Love you, Tammy Trahan

  5. Tried to post and must have messed up-sorry! You, your family and lindsey remain in our constant thoughts any prayers. Please let me and mike know what we can do to help at the house while you are in houston. No request is too small or large. Markie and Boyce have aded you to their nightly prayers too. The kids want to be sure you are wearing the band aids they gave you b/c they say their band aids are much better than regular ones from the doctor. They say theirs have special powers! FAITH. HOPE. LOVE. sending big hugs your way. Dani & Mike Batten