Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tranplant Started

Well we have had a great last 2 weeks preparing for Jonathan's stem cell transplant.  We have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to update everyone so I apologize!  Jonathan was admitted Thursday night for the transplant process. They started chemo Friday, and the last dose was given this morning. He was given extremely high doses of chemo which will completely wipe out his immune system (stem cells) in the next few days. At the moment, his blood counts are still normal, but this will start to change as early as tomorrow or Wednesday.  On Wednesday he will receive his stem cells that were collected a few weeks ago. Over the next couple of weeks, his stem cells will begin to regenerate themselves and create a new immune system. Until that happens he will be at an extreme risk for infection, and we have to take extreme caution to prevent him from any infections.  The biggest side effects will be sores in his mouth, throat, and esophagus, fever, a possible skin rash, and fatigue.  So far he is handling things pretty well. He did have a slight fever earlier which was making him feel pretty lousy, but as I write this, he is fever-free, feeling better and sleeping! He will have to be in the hospital for at least 2 more weeks while he recovers.  His release date will depend on how quickly his blood counts recover, so please pray they recover as soon as possible! Once he is out of the hospital, he will need to be monitored daily for at least a month until he has fully recovered. This transplant protocol is a bit different from most because once he has recovered, he will be admitted for a second transplant. The second one will be less intense than the first, but it is still a major treatment that will require the same precautions. Being in the hospital for an extended period of time is tough on anyone, and we are trying to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel and this is not forever!  Please be sure to leave him a message on here or on Facebook encouraging him through this time! We are trying to settle into to some type of routine and feel settled in our new 'home', but when we do, I promise we will be updating everyone more frequently with his progress. We know God is working a miracle in his life and he is healed in Jesus name! Please continue to keep us all in your prayers!! We love and appreciate you all!! With love, Lindsey


  1. Jonathan: You are constantly in my thoughts. You and Lindsey have constantly amazed me through all of this! When you are up to it, please let me know so I can send COOKIES!!!
    Lindsey: If you need anything I can help with please just ASK!


  2. Hang in there buddy! Your in our thoughts and prayers! Barry

  3. Much love and continued prayers for all of you! God is good and He is obviously watching over y'all! Lover you much! Donaldson