Monday, July 2, 2012

Transplant #2

Hello everyone. I want to thank you all for the continued support.  I am not often able to respond to the messages I receive but I see them and they offer me great encouragement. Currently I am in the process of a tandem stem cell transplant.  My first transplant started on May 17, I was released from the hospital on June 7th . I was able to go home for 2 nights and was re admitted to the hospital due to complications with an infection.  I was kept in the hospital a total of 39 days for the first one. Stem cell transplantation involves using the highest doses of chemotherapy that can be administered. They completely wipe out your immune system and replace it with stem cells or "baby cells" that have previously been taken from me. These cells must engraft and slowly begin building me back to normal. The process is a long one and very difficult as with any chemotherapy particularly at these doses the side effects are very hard on the body.  I ask that you all pray for strength as I start the process again Thursday. The first transplant yielded some very encouraging results. The tumor marker number after transplant is 10.7. The results couldn't be better according to the doctors.  As I begin the second transplant the goal is to now completely wipe out any remaining cells. My hospital time will likely be the same. Pray for me, send positive thoughts as we prepare to battle this together.  I'm so grateful and feel blessed beyond measure that the results are so positive. Jonathan Avitia


  1. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++THOUGHTS!


  2. You are going to beat this! You are one of the strongest people I have ever known! God bless you man! Just keep fighting, and we will keep praying! Barry

  3. The force is with you Jonathan! The Battens

  4. You're in my prayers, Jonathan! You're such an inspiration! Keep the faith...keep the fight! :-)

  5. Hang in there buddy!! We love you, man! Barry

  6. Please know that we continue to pray for you and for your family for strenght and healing. Johnny and Ginny Moreno