Monday, November 14, 2011

Update on Jonathan

I apologize for not updating everyone for so long!  We’ve been somewhat busy here in Houston with moving, doctor visits, and a little fun when we can.  We have a little story to share to show everyone how God hears all of our prayers no matter how small or silly we might think they are.  After Jonathan’s first round of treatment, we rented an apartment nearby the hospital that was convenient but expensive.  As the lease on the 1 month rental was coming to a close, Jonathan kept saying he really wanted to rent a house on a horse farm or with a lot of land.  Given our need to be close to the hospital (and the size of Houston), we did not even consider this as a possibility.  As I was looking for a new place, I stumbled across this listing entitled “Rare and Unique Rental Opportunity.”  When I clicked on the listing, I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading.  It was a beautiful, brand new house that was 3 bedroom/2 bath, furnished, only 8 miles from the hospital, and….on a horse farm!!!  The landlords, who wanted a year lease, let us sign a short term lease and have been such a blessing to us.  They also live on the 10 acres in their own gorgeous home, and our only other neighbors are 5 dogs and 40 beautiful horses! We’ve only been here since Wednesday, but I can’t tell you the difference this environment has made in our lives.  I’m attaching a few pictures to show everyone our new paradise! 
As for Jonathan, he is doing fairly well.  His white blood cells have been hit very hard in the last week, and he is being monitored daily for fever and any signs of infection.  Because he is at such a high risk for infection, much of our time is being spent at the house or outdoors.  This is when the horse farm really comes in handy!  The low blood counts leave him feeling tired and weak, but his overall demeanor and attitude is very good.  We have really tried to enjoy the last two weeks and take advantage of his free time from the hospital.  He has a full day of appointments tomorrow, and depending on his blood counts, he could be admitted for the 2nd 21-day cycle of treatment.  We will also find out his new tumor marker numbers.  We are praying and believing the numbers are at zero, his blood counts are up, and all tumors are gone!  Keep Jonathan in your prayers tomorrow, and we will try to update everyone after the appointments.  Thanks again for all of the love and support!  We cannot tell you how much of a blessing you all are!
With love,

You can see the red brick house in the back!

God is so good to us!!


  1. He knows our needs even before they are a thought in our mind. WOW! Way to go God!!!!! This place looks perfect and what a blessing it must be to Jonathan.

    Keep strong...Keep KNOWING that you are loved by God and by all of us!


  2. Thank you,Lord for taking such good care of Jonathan.....What an amazing answered prayer !!! Love you, prayers are is His Love ......Lee

  3. Wow!! What an awesome God we have!!! Thank you so much for sharing that story!!! And I am so glad Jonathan's doing better!!! Praise God!!! Love, Cherisse

  4. I get it Jonathan. I'm sitting here shedding a few tears of joy with you that our God provided you with a horse farm to live on. Even in the little things, He is awesome.

    Prayers my friend.