Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Think ZERO!

I received word last night from Lindsey Dotson that Jonathan's tumor markers are down again! This time they have decreased to 128. When it comes to tumor markers, obviously the goal is to get to ZERO. I jokingly told Jonathan last night that he spent his whole life trying to be somebody and now his only goal is to be a "zero" - it's a funny thought about a very serious goal! Mention the number ZERO in your prayers and thoughts as that is Jonathan's magic number. Think ZERO!

He was admitted last night about 7:30 pm for another round of treatment. Please read Ila Mae's very detailed post directly above this one for all the specifics!

Thanks for all your prayers, thoughts, and concerns!

Let's help Jonathan be a ZERO!



    when I think of "zero", I think of a circle...which makes me think about the Lord's arms wrapped around you, Jonathan. His "circle of love" is always there...may it comfort you, strengthen you, give you courage, and most of all PEACE.

    love ya

  2. Such good news about the tumor markers!

    We are praying every night at dinner. Boyce watched all 6 Star Wars movies this past weekend and wanted me to tell you "may the force be with you!"

    Stay strong Jonathan.

    Dani, Mike, Boyce and Markie