Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update from Ila Mae

This is reposted from Ila Mae's Facebook page:

Family & Friends:
My Bubba has been admitted for another 5 day treatment of chemotherapy. This time, the routine will be different in a couple of ways. Two new chemo drugs will be introduced: Paclitaxel and Ifosfamide. Cisplatin will be a part of this round as well--he's had it before. With past treatments, the longest interval for a chemo drip was 2 hours. Tonight, the first chemo administered w
ill be Paclitaxel...and it will drip for 24 hours.
For the next 5 days, I ask that you please pray for my brother's peace of mind, that he focuses on positive thoughts. Pray for his body's endurance, that the side effects be small and he maintains his ability to nourish his body with food. Overall, please pray for my brother's strength, that he may never be weak in body or mind!
Thank you so much- Love, Ila Mae


  1. Now more than ever, you need to rely on the Lord's strength...He does His best work when we're the weakest....so WATCH OUT! Dig deep into your faith...and KNOW that He's with you each second...and with each breath...and He won't leave you!

    I'm praying for you, my friend....You are doing an awesome job...Your body is stronger than you may think...and so are you! Keep your eyes on your Savior...and not on the circumstances that are surrounding you...and you'll be able to "walk on those waves".

    The Lord is smiling at this child of His! (YOU!)


  2. Rest in His arms of LOVE! Keep on using His STRENGTH!

    Now is a good time to do some "CHILLAXING"...(a friend of mine came up with that word....smile)

    I KNOW that you are going to beat this cancer!!!!! I BELIEVE...I have HOPE...and I just KNOW it!!!

    Love ya