Thursday, April 26, 2012

Small set back

We got the reports from yesterday's CT scans , brain MRI and tumor markers, and we have great and not so great news! The not so great news is that they seemed to have missed a tiny spot in Jonathan's brain, and he has to have another gamma knife procedure Monday or Wednesday. Our immediate reaction is, 'how could they miss this,' followed by a few other thoughts! Apparently it was so small when the last procedure was done that they just didn't see it. It has grown a little since, so it is now more visible, but it is still extremely tiny at 7mm - a brain tumor nonetheless, that we need to take care of quickly. This will push the stem cell transplant start date back 1-1.5 weeks depending on the day gamma knife is scheduled.   Now on to the great news!  Jonathan's tumor marker is down from 223 to 72!!  The root of the disease is the mass behind his sternum, and it is less than half it's original size!  This is the tumor they are anticipating to remove surgically after chemo.  The liver tumor, which has been very stubborn, is finally responding, and it is also half it's size. This tumor was about the size of his fist originally.  The lung nodules have significantly decreased and the remaining ones are half or less than half their original size! It is definitely disappointing to know that he has to go through this procedure again, but we thank God for the technology to be able to take care of it safely and effectively. I will keep everyone updated on the definite date.  We are beyond grateful that the good news far exceeded the not so good news today, and we just continue to pray and believe for complete healing!!  Thank you so much for your love and prayers! With love, Lindsey


  1. Yea for the good news of the tumor markers... Poo to that stinker of a tumor in your brain. At least they saw it and can take care of it! We're all still praying up a storm here for that number to keep decreasing and we're praising God for all He has accomplished in you in the past few months. Hang in there friend!

    Your cheering team from CO

  2. Thanks so much for the up-date...YIPPEE for the good news...of course we never like the bad news...but we'll accept it because we know it's all part of God's plan. Y'all have been on my heart so much lately...prayers continue CONSTANTLY...and I just know that those stupid tumor markers are going to get to ZERO. I BELIEVE! Hugs to all! Be strong in the Lord!