Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Saturday, February 25
We are half way through Jonathan's 8th round of treament, and he has good and bad days. Today was a good day, and we were able to go to the BBQ Cook-off at the Texas Rodeo!! It was freezing, but it was so nice to get out, eat some good food, and ride a few rides! Thanks Dennis and Lynn Augustin McMahon for a great day!!

Jonathan will have his last day of treatment for round 8 tomorrow, Wednesday.  We will not find out his new tumor marker number for about 2 weeks.  Please continue to pray for the best result of "zero." 

Love and appreciate all of you,



  1. My family had an appointment at the Clarksville WIC office yesterday, where Jonathan's sister (whose name I never caught) helped us through our visit. It is documented in their charts, that our 3 y/o daughter is on several medications. She asked how our "Elly" is doing and what all those meds are for. After explaining to her that Elly was diagnosed with leukemia not even a month after her first birthday, and that she just finished treatment, so she isn't currently taking those meds, his sister started to tell us about Jonathan. Before we left, she briefly mentioned this page for me to visit. I don't know you, or anything about his current condition. I just wanted to stop by to let you know that your family is in our prayers. I also wanted to share a few Bible verses that not only carried me through our baby's therapy, but continue to give me strength and hope that the leukemia will stay gone. Psalm 18:32&34, Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 5:3-4,and Psalm 28:7. I understand that cancer is unpredictable, unique to each of its prey, and very a trying and stressful experience all around. I pray that your family will be comforted and up lifted by the Lord's spirit and that you will always remember that you are never alone.

    God Bless

  2. God Bless "ELLY"

  3. But he was pierced for our offense,crushed for our sins,
    Upon him was the chastisement tha makes us whole. By his stripes we were healed . Happy Birthday